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Advantages of European Standard Belt Wheel

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Taper sheath pulley is a kind of mechanical connection assembly which inserts a taper sleeve between the installation shaft and the pulley. The inner hexagonal screw is used to lock the pulley on the taper sleeve and the taper sleeve is used to hold the installation shaft. Compared with ordinary straight hole belt pulley, it has many advantages: compact structure, no need for axle positioning, easy installation, only need to choose different aperture cone sleeve, the same type of belt pulley can be applied to different axle diameter, increase product versatility, allow larger axle diameter tolerance, slot can be equipped with V-belt and narrow V-belt, etc.
Taper sheath pulley is a new type of mechanical transmission connection component commonly used in European and American countries. The centring accuracy of transmission parts is greatly improved by compacting 8 degree outer cone surface with inner cone surface of pulley. The taper sleeve size is a series of standard design. Its inner hole keyway is processed according to ISO standard. It has good versatility and interchangeability. It is suitable for various occasions. When the transmission parts have been running for a long time, the inner hole and chain groove may be damaged. If the transmission parts with this taper sleeve are used, the same taper sleeve can be replaced to resume use. As a result, the service life of transmission parts is greatly improved, the maintenance cost is reduced and the time is saved.
The taper sleeve is mainly divided into TB taper sleeve QD taper sleeve. The holes matching the taper sleeve and the pulley are all half-sided, and the two light holes on the taper sleeve and the two thread holes on the pulley form a complete hole respectively. A thread hole on the taper sleeve and a light hole on the pulley form a complete hole. When assembling, the two screws are placed in the two threaded holes of the pulley. As the screw tightens continuously in the threaded holes of the pulley, the threading pushes the screw to the small end of the conical hole on the pulley, while the two holes on the conical sleeve are not fully machined and pierced. Thus, when the head of the screw reaches the bottom of the holes, the force is transferred to the conical sleeve, which is relative to the belt. The wheel moves toward the small end of the taper hole of the pulley. Because of the taper, the taper sleeve continuously wraps the axle, and the axle reacts to the taper sleeve and then acts on the pulley. So the pulleys, sleeves and shafts are tightly assembled.
Conversely, when disassembling, the screw that will withdraw from the threaded hole of the pulley is used in a threaded hole on the taper sleeve. During the process of continuous tightening, the screw also moves towards the small end of the taper hole of the pulley. When the head of the screw is against the bottom of the smooth hole of the pulley, the force is transmitted to the pulley, and then the pulley moves towards the small end of the taper hole of the pulley relative to the taper sleeve. Thus, the pulley moves towards the small end of the taper hole of the pulley. The pulley is separated from the taper sleeve, and the taper sleeve is also separated from the shaft because it loses the binding force from the taper hole of the pulley, plus a little elasticity to restore its roundness.
When the taper sleeve connects the pulley with the shaft, a interference fit connector is formed. The inner hole of the cone sleeve is keyed to the shaft, and the torque and force are transmitted by keys. Although there is no key connection between the taper sleeve and the pulley, there is positive pressure on the joint surface, and the friction generated can transfer the torque and force.
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